Student Scholarships

Student scholarships are at the heart of the USD 250 Foundation. If our Dragon graduates would like to continue their education after high school, we want to help them make that happen. 

Our scholarships are funded through the generosity of those who share our commitment to education. Many are memorials for beloved members of our Dragon community whose families wish to continue their legacy through others. Others are funded through the work of our graduating classes, and honor their time together in Pittsburg Community Schools. Still others are the work of our supportive donors who hope to see more Dragons pursuing higher education of any kind, and then building successful and prosperous lives for themselves. 

Scholarships are available to graduating Pittsburg High School seniors planning to attend a college, university, community college, or technical school/program. Scholarships are deposited directly with the school/program. Scholarship applications are due each February, and awards are announced each March. Students may apply for multiple scholarships. 

The 2023 scholarship application will post soon!


Each application includes: 

  • Application cover sheet

  • Resume. Your resume should include school and community activities and leadership roles, awards/honors received, work/volunteer experience (hours worked per week), and college credits, if any. Please only include those activities between grades 9-12.

  • Essay. Your essay should reflect your plans for college/technical education, career goals, financial need, why you are interested in this specific scholarship, and how you would benefit from it. (approx. 250-400 words, 12 font, double spaced)


  • PHS transcript. Ask Mrs. Ulbrich to print or email you your PHS transcript. It should include your ACT score.


  • Letter(s) of recommendation from a teacher/PHS employee or a community member other than your family.


  • Additional materials if requested.

If you have questions, please contact Gina Ulbrich in the counselor’s office.                


2022 Scholarship Winners

If you receive a scholarship, you must submit your college ID, class schedule, and college Registrar address to the USD 250 Foundation by November 1, 2022, or you will not receive the scholarship. A deferment may be requested. Email your information to the foundation at  

Memorial Scholarships

Memorial scholarships are often given to students who reflect the same interests and career goals as the person being honored. Please take this into consideration when writing your essay. You can learn more about each scholarship at or ask Gina Ulbrich for information.


Altricia Misse Memorial Scholarship - $500

Preference given to students who attended George Nettels Elementary School and will be attending a public institution in Kansas (i.e. PSU, KU, KSU or community college.)


Brandon Leroy Smith Leadership Award – $250 (Tennis athlete)  $250 (Football athlete) $250 (Basketball)

Preference given to students pursuing a degree in media.  Financial need considered.


Coach Bill Hanson Memorial Basketball Scholarship - $250 (Male)   $250 (Female)

Academics and leadership taken into consideration. Student should have been a participant in PHS basketball program in his/her senior year.


Derek Brumbaugh Memorial Scholarship - $500

Academics and activities taken into consideration. Student should be a participant in at least one of the following

departments:  Theater, Vocals, Photojournalism and/or Baseball. Your essay should explain how your involvement and experiences in the above activities has better prepared you for your college career and beyond. 


Dick Webb Memorial Scholarship - $500

Grades, activities, career goals, community service and financial need will be considered.


Faye Smith Memorial Scholarship - $900

Minimum GPA 3.0. Preference given to a minority student who has an interest in English.


Greg Shaw Memorial Scholarship - $750

Awarded to a Thespian who has shown leadership during theatre productions as a performer or technician. Rather than an essay, please write a letter to the Shaw family indicating how your participation in theatre has impacted your life and your future educational plans.


Jake Steven Fincher Art Scholarship - $1000

Minimum GPA 3.0. Preference given to a current art student or one pursuing a major in an artistic field. Student should attend a post-secondary Kansas institution.


Joan E. Lewis Memorial Scholarship - $500.

Minimum GPA 3.0. Preference given to student attending PSU, and/or pursuing degree in healthcare or education. Financial need considered.


Kaleb Konek Memorial Soccer Scholarship - $500

Preference given to student who played soccer in high school. No minimum GPA. Write a short essay to share your career dreams.


Ken Bishop Memorial Scholarship - $500

Student who is interested in pursuing an art degree or a student with an interest in design/engineering.

Megan Mallatt Leadership Award

Academics/scholarship, leadership, character and service considered. Rather than an essay, please write a personal letter to Megan’s parents, Dr. Keith and Brenda Mallatt, explaining your interest in this scholarship and your career goals.


Roy Davis Memorial Scholarship - $1000.

Renewable x 4 years if college GPA maintained above 3.0 and a minimum of 12 credit hr/sem taken. Minimum high school GPA 2.5. Preference given to students attending PSU or a vocational program. Consideration will be given to character, career goals (essay) and financial need. Two letters of recommendation required.


Wayne B. Yarcho Memorial Scholarship - $1000

Student must be a senior on the PHS Track/Field Team. Minimum GPA 2.5. Also include: (1) written essay of 300 words detailing how you will use the experiences/lessons learned from being a member of the PHS track team for college and (2) three letters of recommendation.

250 Foundation Scholarships


USD 250 Foundation Medallion Scholarships

Numerous academic scholarships for $750 - $1500. Minimum GPA 3.5. Min ACT 21.  Leadership, activities, and career goals will be considered.


USD 250 Foundation Technical Scholarship

$500 For students attending a Technical Program (welding, carpentry, culinary etc). Leadership and career goals considered.


USD 250 Foundation Night of Dragons 4 year Renewable Scholarship

$1000 per college year if student maintains at least 3.0 GPA and 12 credit hrs per college semester. Minimum PHS weighted GPA: 3.2Leadership, activities, career goals will be considered. Write an essay explaining your interest in this scholarship and your career goals.


Class of 1943 Scholarship - $500 - $1000

Grades, activities, career goals, community service and financial need considered.


Class of 1956 Scholarship - $500

Grades (B student or higher), activities, community involvement and good citizenship considered.


Class of 1967 Scholarship - $500 

Grades, activities, career goals, community service and financial need considered.


Class of 1968 Scholarship - $500

Grades, career goals, plan to attend Kansas public institution (university, community college or vocational school). Financial need considered.


Class of 1974 Scholarship - $500

Minimum 3.0 GPA, Extra curricular activity involvement required.


Babs and Susie Tims Scholarship - $500

Student plans to attend Pittsburg State University. Preference given to elementary education majors.


Collinson Family Scholarship - $750

Minimum 3.0 GPA. Must attend Pittsburg State University or the University of Kansas. Extracurricular activities and/or community involvement required. 

Elliott Family Scholarship – $500

Minimum GPA 2.75.  Extracurricular activities and/or community involvement encouraged. Essay indicates clear desire to further education.


Dragon Mentor Scholarship - $500 

Academics and financial need considered.          

Please include typed responses on a separate sheet of paper to the following questions:

            1. How many semesters did you participate in the PHS Dragon Mentor Program?

            2. What was the most important thing (or things) you learned from participating in the program?

            3. What was the biggest challenge you experienced while participating in the program?

            4. Why do you feel it is important to volunteer your time to help others?

            5. While in the program, you were a “role model” . Explain how someone else has been a “role model” for you and how he/she influenced your life.

            6. Would you encourage others to be involved in this program? Why or why not?


Fine Arts Summer Camp Scholarship - $250

Junior or senior student attending a fine arts summer camp. (1) recommendation must be from a PHS music/art instructor .Financial need considered.

Friends of PHS Performing Arts Scholarships

  1. Musical theatre scholarship $250– student must be active in musical productions as a performer

  2. Theater tech scholarship $250 – student must be active in technical component of theater productions

Min GPA 2.8. Student must be a member of PHS Thespian troupe.

Please include typed responses on a separate sheet of paper to the following questions:

1. Outline your involvement as a member of the Thespian Troupe including community service. Share total thespian points.

2. Please share your involvement/leadership in the musical theater or theater tech throughout your career at PHS.

3. Why do you feel you are deserving of this scholarship?

4. What values/skills did you gain from participating in the theater program that you will use after graduation?

Marilyn F Noble Education Scholarship - $500

Preference given to student who attended George Nettels Elementary School.  Student plans to attend a public institution in Kansas, preferably pursuing an elementary education major.

Pepsi Cola of Pittsburg Scholarship -  (2) $500

Grades, Community service, activities, and financial need considered.   

Student Publications Leadership Scholarship $200 - $500

Student must be involved in Student Publications. Minimum GPA 2.5 Essay: “How did your time in Student Publications shape your high school experience?”

Susan Laushman Vocal Music Scholarship - $500

Student must be active in vocal music throughout high school (3-4 years),

Participant in District and/or State Choir

Enrolled in a choral ensemble for freshman year at college/university.

Submit essay, HS transcript to show academic excellence.